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Gamers who enjoy playing Black Ops will understand the excitement about the release of the latest Black Ops. The latest updates show that the Zombie mode is once again available in the the Call of Duty Black Ops. The exciting gameplay mode which is not found in Modern Warfare 2 is now available in Call of Duty Black Ops. Have you learn what type of special characters are available in the game? You should do research on the internet yourself as I don’t want to break your excitement.
Zombie mode is for players who would like to get a new experience other than the single player campaign and online multiplayer mode. Treyarch has successfully develop another bestselling game for the Left4Dead series. Many gamers left positive comments on the zombie mode at a number of online forums. They expressed they are willing to buy the game if Treyarch develops it. The truth will be known in the near future.Many players want play game with hacks – to kill more zombies using black ops 2 hack tool or cheat codes.

Zombie Invasion in Call of Duty Black Ops
This could become a reality soon. Almost every gamer is talking about Black Ops Zombies. Call of Duty Black Ops has made a record of becoming the bestselling game in USA. The new features in the latest game has caused many gamers to be eager to play it. Many gamers have already went to the store to purchase the game as soon as it is available. Call of Duty Black Ops is compatible with many different platforms such as desktop, PS3 and Xbox.
The game features a modern day environment and military units that exist in the real world. Black Ops Zombies gives player a more real experience compared to Resident Evil. This is unbelievable! Many people have seen the game. They are now in the process of incorporating these features into the game. There are rumors that the hardened edition of the game will offer four different zombie modes that already exist in previous versions such as Call of Duty World at War. These four maps will be upgraded and included in the new game.
It is common for gamers to leak information about a new game as they are looking forward to its release. The latest rumors claimed that Treyarch will include a post survival gameplay mode for the fans. Instead of shooting the zombies, you can choose to join a group in a shooting spree. There are several targets to choose from including Richard Nixon, Rober McNamara, Fidel Castro, or JFK as you do your best to protect yourself in the shelter. There will be a large number of zombies entering into Black Ops.
Although the zombie mode is a great gameplay mode, many users claimed that they feel cheated. This is because the new map is based on the old map. The new map is upgraded from the old map but it looks quite the same as the old map. They could have obtained positive complements from the gamers if they include a new plot. Many players feel that the developer are trying to cut work by only upgrading the old map. This doesn’t look good as it is the bestselling game. However, players can obtain the new maps by purchasing them. There will be a new map called Escalation that will be released in May.
The Black Ops 2 zombies mode and a few new maps are included in the $15 package. Some of the newest zombie maps are “Zoo”, “Hotel”, “Convoy”, “Stockpile” and “Call of the Dead”.
The Black Ops 2 zombies is a new feature that has been added to the game. You can access the Black Ops Zombies mode from the menu after installing it. We are thinking how this mode will bring improvements to the first person shooter video game.


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